House| Take Me Home by Fedde Le Grand & Patric La Funk

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.07.33 PM

Out on Spotify for a few weeks, Fedde Le Grand just officially released this progressive house collaboration with Patric La Funk. Starting out with a rousing piano buildup, the track escalates into a classic progressive chorus. Complemented by rich vocals, this tune is an exciting single, one of the first on Darklight Recordings.

Mashup| The Childish Games by D.VELOPED

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.14.41 PM

D.VELOPED keeps on impressing me big time with this Childish Gambino mashup. I find it super catchy especially after a couple of times around. The rap is fantastic cause it’s vintage Gambino. D.VELOPED does a very good job keeping the beat consistent especially when it changes towards the end. Definitely give this a listen, its a gem.

The Childish Games by D.VELOPED [Click To Download]

House| When Worlds Collide by Tacacho Vs Arctic Wolf Ft. Casey Clark

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.35.22 PM

Rising Swedish duo Tacacho and Arctic Wolf dished out this epic house track with a few weeks ago, only to see it grow with the help of the progressive house community. Casey Clark’s smooth vocals combined with a hard drop make this the remedy to a playlist lacking original EDM. Enjoy!

House| When Worlds Collide by Tacacho Vs Arctic Wolf Ft. Casey Clark [Click to Download] 

House| Virus by Martin Garrix & MOTi

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.17.05 AM

     This is that distinct song you’ve heard tons of DJ’s dropping in their recent sets.  Ever since Spinnin’ records released it via SoundCloud, and Martin Garrix played it at Ultra, it’s proved a hit that can get any crowd jumping.  It’s high energy and has great female vocals that build up to a great drop.  Play this in your car or in front of thousands.  This beat created by two protégés of Tiesto is sure to get up into your top tracks.

Virus by Martin Garrix & MOTi [Click To Download]

Mix| Avicii Ultra Music Festival 2015 Full Set

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.00.55 PM

Ever since Avicii had his surgery he hasn’t been talked about much, but Ultra 2015 turned that around really quickly. This hour long mix includes 20 minutes of brand new tracks. I’ve listened to this front to back a couple time already cause everything flows so well. Check it out and keep an eye out for more new Avicii soon.

Avicii Ultra Music Festival 2015 Full Set [Click To Download]

Chill| Outta State by Academy

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.34.41 PM

If you’re looking for a tune to jam to this summer, look no further. “Outta State” is that type of song that lets you know the summer sun is just around the corner. Academy incorporates some nice guitar chords with a slow beat to make a perfect relaxing jam with a nice rock sound to it. Enjoy.

Outta State by Academy [Click To Download]

Chill| Modern Love (RAC Mix) by Coasts

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.13.59 PMI’m a massive fan of RAC. He puts out some dirty, feel good tunes that put you in the mood to chill.  Modern Love starts out with some guitar cords and then RAC adds a nice electronic touch by incorporating the vocals into the melody. As the weather starts to warm up here in Lakeville CT, this song will be added to my Lake playlist for sure. Toss this song into your downloads, and jam out to the summer sounds of this RAC Remix

Modern Love (RAC Remix) by Coasts [Click To Download]


Tropical House| All Falls Down (Instrum Remix) by Kanye West

All Falls Down (INSTRUM Remix)

I just happened to come across this song while looking for similar music and this hit the spot perfectly. Similar songs, like those from Matoma, are very good songs to have for summertime parties and hangouts, so if you’re looking for some chill music that won’t put you to sleep, definitely check this out and give it a download. Roll on.

All Falls Down (Instrum Remix) by Kanye West [Click To Download]

Trap| Darling by Said The Sky ft. Missio



This song has been my jam for the past week or so because of how different, yet catchy the beats and vocals are.  The actual lyrics don’t really come in until after the first drop, but this song puts together a line of different voice pitches to create a unique melody.  It’s also pretty unreal how Said The Sky incorporated the lyrics “can you see it?” from the song Revolution by Diplo.  These lyrics sound especially good before the first drop and work really well with the melody.  Enjoy!

Darling by Said The Sky ft. Missio [Click To Download]

House| Lay Me Down (Flume Remix) by Sam Smith


I’m super excited about this song and I can’t stop listening to it.  I know a lot of people might have heard it by now because of how popular Flume is, but I hope this song is new for you guys so you can be as surprised as I was when I first listened to it.  This Flume beat might be the best one I’ve heard from him yet, and believe me, you will know what I’m talking about when you hear it.  It’s absolutely unreal how flume has basically created his own genre of music, and can turn any regular, even below average song into an electronic hit.  This one is a must have for anyone’s playlist.  So go ahead and click the download button and prepare to hear an unreal song.

Lay Me Down (Flume Remix) by Sam Smith [Click To Download]

Hip Hop| All I Do by Logic


What other rapper could pull off bars in Spanish? Maryland’s own dropped this awesome track a bit ago, and only now is it getting the plays it deserves. The beat sounds like it’s fresh out of the 1960s, exemplifying the creativity that goes into making real hip hop. This is worth the download, and it’s perfect to bump anywhere: the car, the shower, maybe even while you’re asleep. Just to feed the brain.

Hip Hop| All I Do by Logic [Click to Download] 

House| Your Own by Venice X Lokka Vox (Dylan Aiden Remix)

Venice ft. Lokka - Your Own (Dylan Aiden Remix)

Chilling vocals matched with a rave-ready drop make this song unreal. Then Dylan Aiden get his hands on it, and decides to throw some stuff around to make it that much better. Honestly, if you call yourself a house fan and don’t at least listen to this (if not download it), “house fan” needs a new definition…

House| Your Own by Venice X Lokka Vox (Dylan Aiden Remix) [Click to Download] 

House| See You Again (Levi Remix) by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.51.25 PM

This song brings back so many of the best memories from the one and only, Paul Walker. The opening is a vintage Paul Walker quote that sums up how Paul lived perfectly. When I first heard the original, I thought, “who wouldn’t want to make a remix of this.” and then I found this. Levi does a perfect job keeping the original song, but adding his own beats and touches to it. Give it a listen and a download.

R.I.P Paul Walker, you’ll always be a legend. We ride on.

See You Again (Levi Remix) by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth [Click To Download]

Mashup| 2014 in 10 Minutes by Dzeko & Torres

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.49.35 PM

     Obviously 2014 was pretty dope.

2014 in 10 Minutes by Dzeko & Torres [Click To Download]

House| Skyfall by Divine Havik & Project 14


Straight off their success “Leviathan,” Divine Havik and Project 14 come together once again to create electronic gold. The beautiful melody and shockingly intense drop add yet another unreal house track to add your collection.

House| Skyfall by Divine Havik & Project 14 [Click to Download] 


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