Freakout Friday Drop 2-24-12

Back at it again with the Freakout Friday Drop for every this week’s drop is unreal, straight filthy. Because the school we both attend is very close to hopefully making it to the New England Hockey playoffs this year (knock on wood). we wanted to give you the exclusive warmup the team uses to warmup with that you hear over the loud speakers at the games. The warmups are normally kept within the team, but this year we got the ability to share this warmup with you. Its by Umo, I hope everyone likes this week’s Freakout Friday Drop. Its pretty unreal so hope you guys like it. Tell everyone to look at our site, and download from us thanks, and enjoy.

Freakout Friday Drop 2-17-12

Freakout Friday Drop is finally here and its an unreal mix. thank god its friday no more working, but we here at The Most Unreal Beats work all week long serving your ears with the best music around. But, i found this song on soundcloud from this sick new artist calling himself Alder this song Warmup 2011-2012 is unreal amazing drops all over the the 10:30 minute long track and the first 1:55 minutes, was straight unreal. I honestly hope this new artist Alder creates some unreal music the next few weeks because I love his stuff. Hope you guys enjoy this weeks Freakout Friday Drop.


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