New Affiliated Artist: Sydnee B

We now have one of upcoming hip-hop artists of 2012 as our affiliated artist. This is a huge step for us on the most unreal beats, and I think you will really love this guys music, like I do. Sydnee B, grew up in Racine, Wisconsin.  He’s  22 years old and been making music since he was 12.  Recorded his own music at 14.  After High school he landed a record deal in the Virgin Islands wth ISW studios, that was back in 09′.  But in 2011 the reccession hit us and the studio was shutdown.  After that he decided to just go independent and do as much as he could to get his music out to people.  Since then he has released 2 albums all by himself called, “Double Down” and “All In” and I plan to drop my latest mixtape “Cashout” within the next couple month. Keep an eye out for this guy he is surely on his way to the top of hip-hop in years to come. My favorite song is this first one called, ” Live L.I.F.E.” really catchy and great lyrics. Enjoy.

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